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Umpire Program Policies & Procedures

Saturday, July 28, 2018
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The administration of the baseball umpire program shall be directed by the CBUA Managing Director. The baseball umpire program shall be conducted in accordance with NCAA rules and regulations (or NAIA rules and regulations when appropriate).

Independent Contractor

Umpires are independent contractors and not employees of the Collegiate Baseball Umpires Alliance (CBUA), any conference or any college or university. As an independent contractor, umpires agree to hold the CBUA, any/all collegiate conferences, any/all member institutions, and the Managing Director harmless from any and all liability for injury or damage sustained as a result of any assignment.


Umpires shall provide their own medical and health insurance, which shall include coverage for any accident suffered or injury sustained while umpiring. Umpires are also encouraged to maintain comprehensive general liability insurance. Umpires are encouraged to maintain membership in the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) to ensure insurance and liability coverage.

Physical Examination

Umpires are encouraged to undergo a complete physical exam on an annual basis.

Tobacco Use

NCAA rules strictly prohibit the use of tobacco products by coaches, student-athletes, and umpires. This prohibition should be enforced during all CBUA assignments.

Umpire Staffing/Assigning Policy

Staff membership and assignments will be based on recommendations and evaluations from senior umpires, independent observors and coaches. Also impacting an individual's number of assignments will be the umpire's overall officiating background, clinic attendance, test results, and the umpire's availability and interest.

Emergency Umpire Replacement Plan

  1. Contact appropriate Coordinator of Umpires or assigner.
  2. Contact CBUA umpire to work as a replacement.
  3. Contact home head coach and work together to find best available replacement.
  4. Work game(s) with one less umpire

Umpire Education Plan

All umpires receiving CBUA assignments will be encouraged to attend one of the NCAA Umpire Program national clinics. The Managing Director will conduct a CBUA meeting in conjunction with the national clinic.

CBUA members will be encouraged to complete an annual NCAA baseball rules test (mandatory for umpires receiving conference games).

The CBUA Managing Director and Coordinator(s) of Umpires will also communicate with CBUA members through bulletins.

Umpire Uniform and Hat Policy

Historically, the CBUA has attempted to limit the number of mandated uniform options to be as cost effective as possible for individual umpires. With a number of optional shirts, pullovers, etc. being on the market, we have added some flexibility to our uniform choices.  It remains the responsibility of the crew chief to ensure the crew is dressed consistently.  Shoes should be shined and clothing should be clean and pressed.

The basic uniform will include:  (***indicates option if entire crew has that option available)

*Black base or plate shoes (contrasting manufacturer’s logos on shoes is acceptable)

*Black socks

*Gray pants

*Black belt

*Black or Gray ball bag(s)

*Black undershirt/crew neck/turtle neck worn under shirt or pullover

*Black gloves as needed

*Black foul weather hood or ear protector as needed

*Black short sleeve shirt—Smitty Pro Series (with thin white stripe down the side)

***Black long sleeve shirt—Smitty Pro Series (with thin white stripe down the side)

***Light Blue short sleeve shirt—Smitty MLB Replica (with wide black side panel)

***Black short sleeve shirt—Smitty MLB Replica (with wide gray side panel)

*Black shell pullover jacket (with white stripes over the shoulder)

*Black Standard Open Bottom ½ Zip Umpire Jacket (with white stripes over the shoulder)

***Full Zip Thermal Fleece Jacket (with white stripes over the shoulder)

***Smitty MLB Replica Convertible Jacket

***Black plate coat or pullover may be worn when working the plate

Also, at the request of several D-I conferences, the following Hat Requirements will be in place.

Conference      Conference Games      Non-Conference Games


American         AAC Hat                     CBUA Hat unless all crew members

Athletic                                               have an AAC Hat, in which case the

                                                            conference hat is preferred.


Big 12             Big 12 Hat                  CBUA Hat unless all crew members

                                                            have a Big 12 Hat, in which case the

                                                            conference hat is preferred.


Big East          Big East Hat               CBUA Hat unless all crew members

   *See Note Below                             have a Big East Hat, in which case the

                                                            conference hat is preferred.


Big Ten           Big Ten Hat                CBUA Hat unless all crew members

                                                            have a Big Ten Hat, in which case the

                                                            conference hat is preferred.

All CBUA umpires should always have their CBUA hat and uniform available for all assignments at all of our schools—no exceptions.   This requirement is new for some areas, some schools, and some non-con assignors and/or assigning groups.  For example, AAC schools have a variety of non-con assignors—hats/uniforms for those local groups will no longer be worn for non-con assignments at schools under the CBUA umbrella . . . see above. 

Conference umpires in the AAC, Big 12, Big East, and Big Ten must have those respective conference hats.  Non-conference umpires in those conferences are permitted to purchase conference hats.  If, however, all crew members assigned to a non-conference game do not have a conference hat, then all crew members will wear a CBUA hat in the non-conference contest.

Purchase Officials Supply has all CBUA uniform needs, inclusive of CBUA hats and the various conference hats.  While you may use any supplier you choose, please note that CBUA Umpires will receive a discount from our primary partner—Purchase Officials Supply.  

Purchase Officials Supply:

If you need a contact at Purchase Officials, try Aaron Frame at 734-645-1023 or at

Correct Call Officiating: 

If you need a contact at Correct Cal Officiating, try Mike Conlin at 517-220-8202 or at

*If you need a Big East Hat, you are encouraged to contact CBUA umpire Keith Segedy.  Keith has a well-stocked supply of Big East hats at his business, Stripes & Strikes LTD. 

Stripes & Strikes LTD: 

If you need a contact at Stripes and Strikes, try 570-599-6936 or

Please remove all association/league/professional patches, logos, etc. from your uniform.  We do not wear numbers on our CBUA uniforms.  American flags are permissible and should be worn on the back of your shirt or pullover just below the collar midway between the shoulders (behind the bottom of your neck).  If you wear one of the hockey-style helmets on the plate instead of an approved hat and mask, that is permissible. 

Umpire Crew Chief Responsibilities

Crew chief responsibilities are numerous and important. Crew chiefs are responsible for all communication with their assignor, officials of the host institution and coaches of the competing schools. Crew chiefs will be identified on the master schedule (listed first) and should pay close attention to the details and responsibilities associated with that position.

Crew chiefs should:

  • secure or verify accommodations as necessary for all members of the crew well in advance
  • verify game times with the head coach or school representative at least one week prior to an assigned series and notify the umpires
  • coordinate umpire travel plans whenever possible
  • verify umpire's locker room arrangements with the head coach or school representative at least one week prior to an assignment
  • notify the home team representative or head coach upon arrival for each game
  • ensure that the umpire's dressing room remains off-limits to anyone except officials, umpire observer, and appropriate host school administrators
  • ensure that the crew arrive at the game site at least one hour prior to game time and conduct a pregame mechanics review with the crew
  • ensure an appropriate number of baseballs are rubbed and ready for play
  • conduct a pregame meeting with the coaches at home plate ten minutes prior to game time
  • ensure umpires follow the crew rotation for the series as assigned
  • complete and submit crew evaluations on Arbiter within 48 hours of the completion of the series
  • telephone their assignor within 24 hours of the end of a series if there was an unusual incident
    (i.e. brawl, rules confusion, etc.)
  • ensure the crew refrains from making any comments to the media
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